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Chris’ Tech Tip
Replaceable Modular Design versus Hardwired

Tech Tip 10

Did you know that DITEK Corp. manufactures a modular, multi pair, low voltage SPD (surge protective device) that also allows for a single point ground?  In the past, DITEK offered an 8 pair low voltage line protector which was M.O.V. (metal oxide varistor) based and was non modular (DTK-8LVLP series).  This device did not allow for field replacement meaning if any of the pairs did self-sacrifice, the entire device would need to be uninstalled and replaced. 

With advances in technology, DITEK now offers an S.A.D. based (silicon avalanche diode) modular hybrid line protector which can be expanded to 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 pairs of protection.  We also offer this in a single point ground, meaning you do not have to ground multiple devices.  This is accomplished with our DTK-2MHLP series as well as our DTK-MB (modular base) series.  This system is 10 X stronger than its LVLP predecessor (higher surge current), is hybrid in design (multiple technologies), and allows the user to field replace without having to rewire/re-install.  For this example we have chosen our 24 volt version, but keep in mind that these devices are available in 5, 12, 24, 36, 48, 75, and 130 volt configurations.  Call your dedicated account manager for help in determining the correct combination of part numbers for your particular application. 

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Sample Selections:
2 pairs protection: DTK-2MHLP24BWB (2 pair with base)
4 pairs protection: (2) DTK-2MHLP24B + (1) DTK-2MB
6 pairs protection: (3) DTK-2MHLP24B + (1) DTK-3MB
8 pairs protection: (4) DTK-2MHLP24B + (1) DTK-4MB
10 pairs protection: (5) DTK-2MHLP24B + (1) DTK-5MB 

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